Facilities and Equipment

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LaborAtory for active material and smart structures(LAMSS)

Sensors Piezoelectric wafer active sensors (PWAS) of various sizes
Optical strain and temperature sensors
Strain gages, load cell, and thermocouples, etc.
Adhesives, connectors, and environmental protection materials for structural installation
Ultrasonic transducers: immersion, air-couipled, general purpose
Eddy current transducers and eddy current array
Impedance instruments HP 4194A impedance analyzer
Cypher Instruments C-60 portable impedance analyzer
Omicron Lab Bode 100 vector network analyzer
Amplifiers NF Corporation HSA4014 high speed bipolar amplifier
Ciprian US-TXP-3 high voltage linear power amplifier (800Vpp, 10kHz-10MHz)
Krohn-hite 7600 wideband power amplifier (200Vpp, DC to 1MHz)
Laser inspection Polytec PSV-400 for non-contact measurement, visualization, and analysis of structural vibrations
Quantel CFR400 pulsed laser
Polytec signle point laser vibrometer
NI platform NI PXIe-1082 chassis
NI PXIe-8135 controller
NI PCI-6115, PCI-6023 DAQ
SCXI-1321 strain gage module
Optical sensing module LUNA Tunable Laser Platform P1402 with customized ultrasonic wave sensing in MHz range (Frequency: 5 MHz, sensitivity:  0.01 me)
LUNA Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator (ODiSi B)
Micron Optics sm690 (PXIe, 4-channel, 2MHz sampling )
Redondo Optics miniature FBG interrogators FBG-transceiver M-200 (USB powered, 40 kHz sampling)
Keysight N7714A four-port tunable laser system source
Keysight N7744A four-port optical power meter
Ultrasonic inspection Testech 4-axis gantry for immersion ultrasonic inspection
Testech 3-axis gantry for air-couple and single-point laser vibrometer
Olympus Glider scanner
JSR DPR300 pulser-receiver
Parametrics 5900PR 200MHz computer controlled pulser/receiver and ultrasonic transducers
OKOS AL12250 digitizer
OKOS ODIS data collection and processing software
QMI Sonda 007 air-coupled UT
Olympus Omniscan SX 
Olympus RollerForm Phased array
AOS-NDT pahsed array AOS-64
Phased array transducers for near wall, immersion, and general purpose inspection
Ritec SNAP nonlinear UT subsystem
Eddy current inspection GE Mentor EM
GE EC surface probe kit with standard blocks
Eddyfi Reddy eddy current array system
Eddyfi I-flex eddy current array probes
Video inspection GE mentor visual iQ videoscope
Basler video camera
FLIR A35 thermal imaging camera
SHM system Metis Design MD7 digital SHM system
Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing IZFP ultrasonic measurement system
Mistras Micro-II AE system
Mistras NOESIS post-processing software
Standard lab equipment Function generators (Agillent 33120A; Agillent 33522B)
Digital oscilloscopes (Tektronx TDS5034B, DPO5034, TDS210, etc.)
Universal counter (EZ FC-7150U)
Power supplies (BK Precision 1751 DC power supply; Trek 50/750 high voltage power supply, etc.)
Laboratory PC’s equipped with GPIB and DAQ cards and LabView and MATLAB software

Center for Mechanics, Materials, and Non-Destructive Evaluation

Material testing MTS hydraulic tension testing systems
Instron hydraulic testing system with Centorr vacuum furnace
MTS vibration table
Dynamic impact loading test equipment
Environmental testing Thermotron environmental chamber for temperature, humidity, boil, freeze/thaw testing
Weatherometer chamber for ultraviolet and humidity aging exposure
Digital image correlation Phantom v7.3
DRS Imacon 200
Impact testing High-rate loading test pendulum
Gas gun
Split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB)
Model 8140 drop-weight

The Structural Testing Laboratory

Structural testing facility 7400 square-foot two-story high bay, 300 square foot by 16 foot deep geotechnical test pit
Hydraulic testing machines 55 and 110 kip servo-hydraulic actuators for static, dynamic and fatigue testing
Two independent control permitting two tests to be conducted simultaneously
Two portable 10,000 psi hydraulic systems
Two additional 55 kip MTS hydraulic test systems for material testing
MTS Drop Tower for dynamic testing, and an MTS vibration testing system
Digital image correlation Phantom v7.3
DRS Imacon 200

Electron Microscopy Center (EMC)

Nano-mechanical characterization Hysitron nanoindenter
DI 3100 atomic force microscope MTS Nano-tensile tester
CETR Nano/micro-tribometer
Sample fabrication SEM JEOL JSM-840A
Wire and ribbon bonding machines
High purity gold thermal evaporation system
General purpose deposition system for sputtering, thermal and e-gun evaporation, and ion milling
SEM ESEM FEI Quanta 200 for conductive and coated specimens
SEM Hitachi 2500 Delta
TEM TEM Hitachi H-8000
TEM Jeol 100 CX II  for biological specimens
Material characterization EMPA Cameca SX50 for quantitative chemical analysis
Confocal Microscope Bio-Rad MRC for imaging live tissues