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EMCH 367 - Fundamentals of Microprocessors   
This course is designed to give mechanical engineers a basic understanding
of microcontrollers and their use in a mechanical engineering environment.

EMCH 361 - Measurements and Instrumentation     
Principles of measurement, probability of statistics, analysis of data, and
experimental planning. Measurement of parameters in mechanical engineering systems.

EMCH 575 - Adaptive Material Systems and Structures     
A multidisciplinary introductory course addressing the emerging engineering field of adaptive material systems and structures.

EMCH 585 - Nature of Composite Materials     
Properties of orthotropic laminated composites. Analysis of composite structures. Structure/property relationships. Characterization of modern composite materials. Design considerations.

EMCH 701 - Method of Engineering Analysis     
Variational methods of approximation are used with the finite element method to simulate the reliability predictions in design of mechanical systems. The functional relationship between geometry, materials, and physical laws of motion and energy are applied to solid, thermal, and fluid systems.

EMCH 883 - Wave Propagation in Solids     
Formulation and solution of the wave propagation problem in an unbounded isotropic medium. Study of the reflection-refraction problem at a plane interface. Discussion of Rayleigh, Love, and general surface waves. Wave propagation in a bounded isotropic medium.


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