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"These products are covered by one or more of the following US patents #7,174,255, #7,024,315, #6,996,480 and USCRF invention disclosures #00759, #00730, #00597, #00591, #00588, #00587, #00407, #00433, #00418, #00408, #00330, #00327, #00319, #00284, #00187, #00162, #00156, #00152, VTIP disclosure #96-044, #94-049."

Wavefrom Revealer

The ‘WaveFormRevealer 1.0’ calculates for the analytical waveforms under arbitrary engineering situations for PWAS excited wave propagation in plate or thin wall structures. ‘Arbitrary’, hereby, means different kinds of materials, various setup geometries (plate thickness, PWAS distance, and PWAS size), and any kind of excitation signal desired by the users. This software also allows users to obtain the theoretical solution for dispersion curve, tuning curve, frequency components for S0 and A0 wave mode, and the plate transfer function.



Wavescope: Dispersion curves, group velocities, and tuning for metallic structures





  • ANSYS Tutorial: Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensor (PWAS) Impedance Simulation [link]


  • Guided Waves Dispersion Curves in Composite Materials [Download]

The software GuidedWaves derives the dispersion curves for composite plates with stacking sequence of the type
f1,f2,…,fn)N]S where each layer is made of unidirectional fibers. The layers can have different material properties, but same thickness. The output is the values of the phase velocities versus the wavenumber-thickness product where the thickness is the total thickness of the plate.


  • The Embedded Ultrasonic Structural Radar (EUSR)

  • Lamb wave mode simulation  [Download]

  • Short-time Fourier Analysis simulation




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