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Mechanical Engineering

Research Centers

Research Areas

  • Thermal Sciences

    • Computer design of heat exchangers
    • Computational fluid mechanics
    • Indoor building flow simulation
    • Computational techniques for thermodynamic property and cycle evaluation
    • Solar heating and cooling systems
    • Ground coupled heat pumps
    • Computer simulation of thermal systems
  • Mechanics & Materials

    • Development of computer-based data acquisition systems for use with computer-vision measurements in solid and bio-mechanics
    • Scattered waves in ultrasonic testing
    • Fracture mechanic problems
    • Boundary integral and finite-element analysis in solid mechanics
    • Composite and polymer materials research
    • High strain rate material and weld behaviorv
    • Impact mechanics -- testing and modeling
    • Computational welding mechanics
    • Adaptive materials and smart structures
  • Manufacturing

    • Robot dynamics and control
    • Feedback control of nonlinear dynamic systems
    • Plastics processing
    • Metrology workcell control
    • Concurrent engineering formula
    • Design methodologies
    • Welding and joining issues in manufacturing process
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