Time and Temperature Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Glass-Filled Amide-Based Thermoplastics

ABSTRACT: Time-dependent mechanical design properties of four commercial thermoplastic resin systems were investigated at temperatures of 23, 100, and l50C. The test materials were glass-filled polyamides and polyphthalamides. Experiments were performed to characterize creep, creep-rupture and tensile behaviors after isothermal aging. Creep-rupture'data were used to create master curves using a Sherby-Dorn analysis. Although each material possessed a different property advantage, a polyphthalamide with 33% glass reinforcement exhibited a good combination of creep resistance, strength and ductility. The reported results provide information that is critical for the design and development of structural thermoplastic components. @ 1998 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved

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