Development of Patterns For Nanoscale Strain Measurements. Part II: Thin film Patterning by Chemical Vapor Exposure

ABSTRACT: A novel method of patterning metal thin films at the nanoscale and applying the patterns to polymeric materials is described. Thin films of gold, silver, copper and chromium have been patterned into different morphologies on substrates by placing the coated substrate in a flask filled with a chemical vapor. Using selected substrates, the pattern has been successfully transferred to polymeric materials, providing a nanoscale pattern that can be used with digital image correlation to quantify deformations at reduced length scales. Possible mechanisms for the formation of the patterned films are briefly summarized.

SEM images of gold films patterned on different substrates at 120oC using iodobenzene with exposure times from 5 to 16 hours.
(a) agarose-nanoclay composite
(b) Al wafer
(c) stainless steel wafer
(d) glass substrate
(e) silicone
(f) Au patterned film transferred from silicone surface to the surface of poly(DGEBA).
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