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Mechanical Engineering


What is Mechanical Engineering?

The following page has a good review on Mechanical Engineering:

Is Columbia a good place to live?

Columbia is South Carolina’s capitol city and cultural hub. Greater Columbia has over 583,000 people, over 600 restaurants, 8 major hospitals, and 5 huge shopping malls. Columbia’s weather is great. Average annual snowfall is less than 2-inches and rarely lasts a day. Recreational opportunities, festivals, and other entertainment possibilities abound!

Columbia is located in the geographical center of South Carolina at the intersection of three major interstate highways: I-26, I-20 and I-77. Columbia is 3 hours by car from the Grand Strand at Myrtle Beach, 2 hours from historic Charleston, and 3 hours from the scenic Smoky Mountains.

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How do I apply to USC?

The following page has necessary information regarding admission procedure of USC:

Which scholarships and financial aid programs are available to Mechanical Engineering students?

Information regarding scholarships and financial aid programs can be found here.

How do I get transfer credit for EMCH courses?

These guidelines are intended for those who transfer to the Mechanical Engineering Program from a different USC department or from a different university. Please consult with the Mechanical Engineering Student Services Office (803-777-9549) for any updated information

  • Transfering from a USC department
  • Transfering from a different university
  • Transfering from a technical school

How can I ask my own question?

Contact: Renee Jenkins
Student Service Administrative Assistant
Phone: 803.777.9549
Office: 300 Main, A229
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