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Nuclear Engineering

Academic Faculty

knight-travis Travis W. Knight
Program Director and Professor, 803.777.1465
Ted Besmann Dr. Theodore M. Besmann
Professor and Smart State Chair, 803.777.9853
Dan-Cacuci Dr. Dan Gabriel Cacuci
Professor and Endowed chair, 803.777.5316
kaoumi Dr. Djamel Kaoumi
Assistant Professor, 803.777.0926
khan-jamil Dr. Jamil Khan
Professor and Chair, 803.777.1578
Experimental and Computational Thermo-fluids, single and two phase
Scopatz Dr. Anthony M. Scopatz
Assistant Professor, 803.777.7629

Emeritus Faculty

moreho9 Dr. Jeff Morehouse
Professor Emeritus, 803.777.3017
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Affiliated Faculty

bayoumi-abdel Dr. Abdel Bayoumi
Professor, Director of Biomedical Engineering, 803.777.1845
Smart Predictive Systems, CBM, Design, Advanced Manufacturing and Biomechanics
chao-yuh Dr. Yuh J. Chao
Professor and Endowed chair, 803.777.5869
Solid mechanics, integrity of structures, DIC
chen-frank Dr. Fanglin (Frank) Chen
Associate Professor, 803.777.4875
Huang_Xinya1 Dr. Xinyu Huang
Assistant Professor, 803.777.6834
loiselle-val  Prof. Val Loiselle
Adjunct Professor
robert1 Dr. Elwyn Roberts
Visiting Professor
sutton1 Dr. Michael Sutton
Carolina Distinguished Professor, 803.777.7158
2D, 3D and Volume Image Correlation; Fracture; Bio-mechanics
Yu_Lingyu Dr. Lingyu Yu
Assistant Professor, 803.777.0070
Structural health monitoring, signal processing, vibration
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Adjunct/Research Faculty

no-image Dr. Thad Adams
Adjunct Professor
Badea Dr. Madalina Badea
Research Assistant Professor
Predictive modeling, Sensitivity analysis and Uncertainty Quantification
buckner-mel Dr. Mel Buckner
Adjunct Professor
carrilho-leo Dr. Leo Carrilho
Adjunct Professor
cheng Dr. Xu Cheng
Adjunct Professor
dorning Dr. John Dorning
Whitney Stone Professor of Nuclear Engineering, University of Virginia
gorensek-max Dr. Max Gorensek
Adjunct Professor
no-image Dr. Joshua Gray
Boeing, Charleston, SC
no-image Dr. L Larry Hamm
Savannah River National Laboratory
norrell Dr. Jeff Norrell
Adjunct Professor
Director Product Engineering
pain Dr. Christopher C. Pain
Professor, Earth Sciences & Engineering, Imperial College
summer2 Dr. Bill Summers
Adjunct Professor
Adrian_Torres_th Dr. Adrian E. Mendez Torres
International Atomic Energy Agency
tulenko-james Prof. James Tulenko
Adjunct Professor
352.392.1401, x314
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