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Mechanical Engineering

Xiaodong (Chris) Li

CEC Distinguished Professor

Xiaodong  Li E-mail:
Phone: 803.777.8011
Fax: 803.777.0106
Office: 300 Main Street
Room A117
Columbia, SC 29208
Links: Curriculum Vitae
Nanostructures and Reliability Laboratory

Dr. Li's research and interests include nanofabrication, nanostructure, nanostructured materials/devices, reliability of nanostructures/devices and nanomechanical characterization.

Dr. Li joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering in August 2002 and initiated a unique nanotechnology program with a systems-level focus spanning synthesis of nanomaterials, structural, mechanical and tribological characterization, nanomechanics, integration and manufacturing of nanostructures and nanodevices, biomechanics, and imaging and mechanical testing of cells and tissues. The Nanostructures and Reliability Laboratory is well equipped with state of the art nano instruments such as an atomic force microscope, a nanoindenter, a nanomanipulator, a nanomechanical tester, and a nanomaterials synthesis furnace. The research and education activities have been heavily sponsored by National Science Foundation, Army Research Office, NASA, DOE/National Laboratories, Petroleum Research Fund, Intel, GE Energy, General Motors Cooperation, Westinghouse, South Carolina Space Consortium, and South Carolina EPSCoR office. His publications have been cited over 3,700 times. His publication H-index factor is 30. Nanotechnology concept and research advances have been introduced to graduate and undergraduate students through existing courses such as Engineering Materials - EMCH 371 and Manufacturing Processes - EMCH 377, and developing a new course such as Nanomaterials – EMCH 778. The Nanostructures and Reliability Laboratory has been actively sponsoring graduate and undergraduate students to work on research projects in nanotechnology. For more information about the nanotechnology program in the Mechanical Engineering, please visit


  • Ph.D., Harbin Institute of Technology, 1993
  • M.S., Harbin Institute of Technology, 1988
  • B.S., Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute, 1985

Selected Publications

  • Jianfeng Zang, Zhi-Hui Xu, Richard A. Webb, and Xiaodong Li, "Electrical Self-healing of Mechanically Damaged Zinc Oxide Nanobelts," Nano Letters, 11 (2011) 241-244.
  • Lihong Bao, Zhi-Hui Xu, Rui Li, and Xiaodong Li, "Catalyst-Free Synthesis and Structural and Mechanical Characterization of Single Crystalline Ca2B2O5·H2O Nanobelts and Stacking Faulted Ca2B2O5 Nanogrooves," Nano Letters, 10 (2010) 255-262.
  • Xinyong Tao, Lixin Dong, Xinnan Wang, Wenkui Zhang, Bradley J. Nelson, and Xiaodong Li, "B4C Nanowire - Carbon Microfiber Hybrid Structures and Composites from Cotton T-shirts," Advanced Materials, 22 (2010) 2055-2059.
  • Xiaodong Li and Zaiwang Huang, "Unveiling the Formation Mechanism of Pseudo-Single-Crystal Aragonite Platelets in Nacre," Physical Review Letters, 102 (2009) 075502.
  • Xinyong Tao and Xiaodong Li, "Catalyst-free Synthesis, Structural, and Mechanical Characterization of Twinned Mg2B2O5 Nanowires," Nano Letters, 8 (2008) 505-510.
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