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Mechanical Engineering

Academic Faculty

khan-jamil Dr. Jamil Khan
Professor and Chair, 803.777.1578
Experimental and Computational Thermo-fluids, single and two phase
banerjee Dr. Sourav Banerjee
Assistant Professor, 803.777.4596
bayoumi-abdel Dr. Abdel Bayoumi
Professor, Director of Biomedical Engineering, 803.777.1845
Smart Predictive Systems, CBM, Design, Advanced Manufacturing and Biomechanics
Ted Besmann Dr. Theodore M. Besmann
Professor and Smart State Chair, 803.777.9853
Dan-Cacuci Dr. Dan Gabriel Cacuci
Professor and Endowed chair, 803.777.5316
chao-yuh Dr. Yuh J. Chao
Professor and Endowed chair, 803.777.5869
Solid mechanics, integrity of structures, DIC
chen-frank Dr. Fanglin (Frank) Chen
Professor, 803.777.4875
Ceramics, Fuel Cells, Electrolysers and Separation Membranes
deng-xiaomin Dr. Xiaomin Deng
Professor, 803.777.7144
Solid mechanics, FEM, biomechanics, modeling/simulation
farouk-tanvir Dr. Tanvir I. Farouk
Assistant Professor, 803.777.3380
Plasma, Energy, Reacting Thermo-fluids, Combustion
giurgiutiu-victor Dr. Victor Giurgiutiu (Jurjutzu)
Professor, 803.777.8018
Zafer Gürdal Dr. Zafer Gürdal
Professor, Ronald E. McNair Endowed Chair Holder, 803.777.1910
Harik_Ramy Dr. Ramy Harik
Assistant Professor, 803.777.xxxx
Huang_Kevin1 Dr. Kevin Huang
Professor, 803.777.0204
Batteries, Fuel Cells and Separation membranes
Huang_Xinya1 Dr. Xinyu Huang
Assistant Professor, 803.777.6834
kaoumi Dr. Djamel Kaoumi
Assistant Professor, 803.777.9829
addis Dr. Addis Kidane
Assistant Professor, 803.777.2502
Fracture, shock & Impact Mechanics, Multifunctional material
knight-travis Dr. Travis W. Knight
Associate Professor, Director of Nuclear Engineering Graduate Program, 803.777.1465
Nuclear Fuels, Safeguards, Space Nuclear Power, Simulation
chenli1 Dr. Chen Li
Associate Professor, 803.777.7155
Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, and Thermal Management
lyons-jed Dr. Jed Lyons
Professor, 803.777.9552
Educational Research and Methods, Engineering Materials
Majumdar Dr. Prasun K. Majumdar
Assistant Professor, 803.777.0183
Composite, Manufacturing, Multi-functionality, Multi-physics
McCants_Dale Dr. Dale McCants
Instructor, 803.777.2252
Senior Design Advisor
mcneill-steve Dr. Stephen McNeill
Associate Professor, 803.777.3407
peters10 Dr. Wally Peters
Professor, 803.777.4327
reifsnider-ken Dr. Kenneth Reifsnider
Professor, 803.777.0084
reynol12 Dr. Tony Reynolds
Professor, 803.777.9548
rocheleau-david Dr. David Rocheleau
Associate Professor and Graduate Director, 803.777.9395
Kinematics, Dynamics and Computer Aided Design
Scopatz Dr. Anthony M. Scopatz
Assistant Professor, 803.777.7629
Tarbutton Dr. Joshua Tarbutton
Assistant Professor, 803.777.8236
shazly Dr. Tarek Shazly
Assistant Professor, 803.777.4678
sutton1 Dr. Michael Sutton
Carolina Distinguished Professor, 803.777.7158
2D, 3D and Volume Image Correlation; Fracture; Bio-mechanics
vantooren Dr. Michael Van Tooren
Professor Aerospace Systems Design and Structures, 803.343.5319
Aerospace Materials and Safety Critical Structures
wang-guiren Dr. Guiren Wang
Assosiate Professor, 803.777.8013
xue-chris Dr. Xingjian (Chris) Xue
Associate Professor, 803.576.5598
Yu_Lingyu Dr. Lingyu Yu
Assistant Professor, 803.777.0070
Structural health monitoring, signal processing, vibration
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Emeritus Faculty

moreho9 Dr. Jeff Morehouse
Professor Emeritus, 803.777.3017
ranson11 Dr. Bill Ranson
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, 803.777.7053
rhodes13 Dr. Curtis Rhodes
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, 803.777.9136
Computer Aided Design, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis
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Adjunct/Research Faculty

no-image Dr. Thad Adams
Adjunct Professor
no-image Dr. Madalina Badea
Research Assistant Professor
Predictive modeling, Sensitivity analysis and Uncertainty Quantification
bischoff-jeff Dr. Jeff Bischoff
Adjunct Professor
buckner-mel Dr. Mel Buckner
Adjunct Professor
carrilho-leo Dr. Leo Carrilho
Adjunct Professor
buckner-mel Dr. Xu Cheng
Adjunct Professor
dorning Dr. John Dorning
Whitney Stone Professor of Nuclear Engineering, University of Virginia
gorensek-max Dr. Max Gorensek
Adjunct Professor
no-image Dr. Joshua Gray
Boeing, Charleston, SC
no-image Dr. L Larry Hamm
Savannah River National Laboratory
loiselle-val Val Loiselle
Adjunct Professor
norrell Dr. Jeff Norrell
Adjunct Professor
Director Product Engineering
pain Dr. Christopher C. Pain
Professor, Earth Sciences & Engineering, Imperial College
robert1 Dr. Elwyn Roberts
Visiting Professor
summer2 Dr. Bill Summers
Adjunct Professor
no-image Dr. Wei Tang
Research Assistant Professor
Adrian_Torres_th Dr. Adrian E. Mendez Torres
Savannah River National Laboratory
tulenko-james Prof. James Tulenko
Adjunct Professor
352.392.1401, x314
no-image Dr. Jianzheng Zuo
Research Professor
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Support Staff

jenkins-renee Renee Jenkins
Student Service Administrative Assistant
300 Main, A229
misty Misty O'Donnell
Administrative Assistant
300 Main, A224
no-image Lalitha Ravi
Administrative Assistant
300 Main, A224
severt-glenn Glenn Severt
IT Manager
300 Main, A115
westbury_th David Westbury
Lab Engineer
300 Main, A114
wilhelm-dan Dan Wilhelm
Associate Engineer I
300 Main, C008
bradley-bill Bill Bradley
Associate Engineer II
803.777.5616, Fax: 803.777.6208
300 Sumter Street
ward-burt Burt Ward
Associate Engineer II
803.777.6733, Fax: 803.777.6208
300 Sumter Street
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