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Mechanical Engineering

Information For Advisement Coordinators

From Mike Perkins:

There is a new page on the Student Services website Here students can find registration appointment times, upper division and senior check forms and dates for registration.

There should be an Advisement Form for the upcoming semester in the student’s folder. Use blank Advisement Forms for summer school. If a student is going to attend both summer sessions, just skip a line between classes for each session. After completing the form, please put the pink copy in the student’s folder. When the folders are returned, we will release the student’s advisement hold.

Students who want to take summer school at other institutions, or at another USC campus, must fill out a Special Enrollment Request in the Student Services Office.

The requirements to take courses elsewhere are:

  • A student must have a 2.0 or better GPA.
  • A student can have no more than 18 credit hours as transient work.
  • A student cannot take a course elsewhere that was attempted here (attempts include courses for which a student has a “W”).
  • A student cannot take a course elsewhere during his/her last 30 hours.

We are attempting to track students who are working towards minors in other academic areas. If a student indicates to you that they are working on a minor, please ask them to fill out the appropriate form in the Student Services Office. Minor requirements can be here. The Student Services Office can review minor requirements with students.

How Do I Get Advised Each Semester?

Co-op students can be advised via phone or e-mail. Fill out an advisement form for the student and turn in to our office.

If students have decided to change their major from engineering, they should make an appointment with the Student Services Office to be advised. The Student Services Office needs to know who these students are.

All students taking upper division courses must have an upper division application form filled out and on file in the Student Services Office.

Remember that students can repeat no more than five engineering courses and still be eligible to graduate. Students who fail an engineering course three times cannot repeat the course again.

Check all prerequisite courses. A student may be removed from a course in which prerequisites are not met.

Students who are getting the LIFE scholarship must earn at least 30 credit hours per year to remain eligible. Students on University scholarships and Financial Aid must earn at least 24 credit hours per year. Summer school can count as part of the academic year.

Encourage students to stay in touch with their College email account. Make sure that the students have a correct local address listed with the University. If they don't, it can be difficult contacting them in emergencies. Students can add or change addresses on the web (registrar’s page) or at the Registrar’s Office.

If a student is planning to graduate at the end of the upcoming semester, have them request a senior check form in the Student Services Office.

Students can find their registration times and advisor on the web.

  • Login to
  • Click on the PERSONAL tab
  • Click on the Registration Appointment Times for the appropriate semester.