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Mechanical Engineering

General advisement information

Before registering for courses every semester, a student must meet with his/her advisor to get the list of courses approved. One can get the advisor information from VIP >> Academics >> Registration Eligibility/ Advisor Information.

Entering students are advised by the College of Engineering's Student Services in Swearingen. Continuing students are assigned an advisor from the Mechanical Engineering faculty. The advisor can help with scheduling courses, selecting electives and career planning.

Here are the steps of advisement procedure:

  1. Go to one of the computer labs and run the ME-Advisor program.

    You must be logged onto engineering account to run the program, it will not work from the internet unless you are logged on. Directions for ME-Advisor can be found here.

  2. Verify the suggested courses by looking at the curriculum guides
  3. Consult the Registrar's Course Listings and determine which the courses you want to take next semester. To find out more about a course, go to the course information web page.
  4. Verify that you have satisfied all prerequisites.
  5. If need be, modify the courses suggested by ME-Advisor by rerunning ME-Advisor program and making the desired changes.
  6. Make a list of the courses you want to take, and a list of questions and/or discussion items for your advisor.
  7. Meet with your advisor.
    1. Schedule an appointment. An appointment list should be posted on your advisor's door.
    2. Meet your advisor at the scheduled time. Bring a copy of the printout from ME-Advisor. This will be your official Advisement Form.
    3. Get your advisor's signature.
  8. Submit the completed Advisement Form to Renee Jenkins in ME Student Services room A229