Lab Objective

This lab will give you hands-on experience with the MC6811 microcontroller, and its interfacing with other electro-mechanical devices. You will work in teams. However, the grading will be individual, based on your performance and lab report. The principles learned during the lab will be applied during the course project period. Students are encouraged to work in a group of two persons.

In the following table lab files are provided in PDF format.Clicking PDF opens the file in PDF format using ADOBE READER Software .( this gives a better printout.  But you need ADOBE READER.  If you have it then Click on PDF and then click on PRINTER ICON that is displayed by the ADOBE SOFTWARE to get printouts.)

Lab Orientation General information & short lab trip  
Lab 1 Basic programming Hmwk1~3
Lab 2 Parallel Communication and Serial Communication Hmwk4
Lab 3

Timer Functions --Bolt Drop

Lab 4 DC Motor Tachometer Hmwk4
Lab 5 Stepper Motors & AD conversion Hmwk7&8

It should be noted that the successful completion of the labs is essential to the successful completion of the project. In most cases, 50% - 75% of project code is little more than lab code. As such, you have a personal stake in the successful completion of the labs.


                   GENERAL INFORMATION:

TAs Office:

room A237, phone 7-1535

Head TA

Weiping Liu, 7-1535, liu86@engr.sc.edu

Microprocessor Lab:



                  LAB GRADING POLICIES:

Individual lab grades will count for 100% of the final lab grade.

1) 10% of the individual lab grade will be based on the preparation work done before the lab in the format of 5 minutes Pre-Lab Quiz. It will be counted as Pre-Lab points.

2) 25% of the individual lab grade will be based on lab preparation & participation; TA points.

3)  65% of the individual lab grade will be based on the level of success in completing the lab goal; TA points. 2)&3) will be counted as In-Lab points.

                 LAB POLICIES:

  1. Attendance is mandatory! If you miss a lab and do not make it up you will receive 0% for the total lab grade!
  2. The completion of the pre-lab assignment is vital to the success of the laboratories. There will be a 50% penalty for anyone not prepared for the day's lab. Address all questions and prepare all programs (write, type, save on floppy disk) before coming to the lab. A printed copy of all codes with annotations is required.
  3. The following must be completed and taken to the lab:

    1. A printout of required homework assignments for the lab. MUST have the flowchart & program codes.
    2. The program codes saved on a floppy disk

  4. If you do not complete a lab, you may choose to hand it late. Labs will be accepted up to 1 week after your normal laboratory class, in consultation with your lab TA. You must arrange with your TA a time outside the normal lab hours when you will show the TA your completed lab. This time cannot be the next lab period!
  5. If you leave the lab prior to the end of the lab period without successfully completing the lab goals, you will receive no credit for that lab.
  6. If a student needs to change a laboratory section due to an unexpected conflict (i.e. interview, illness, etc.) and go to a different section, both TA's must agree to the rescheduling. Due to the limited availability of supplies, labs are limited to a maximum of 9 students.
  7. Clean your work station and turn in the lab report on site before you leave.