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Freshman Electives  (3 Credits) History Elective  (3 Credits) Pre 2012 ONLY
UNIV 101E, ENCP 101 Any HIST course numbered below 600; ARMY 406, 407 (army cadets only); NAVY 303 (midshipmen only)
Note for Transfer Students
Ethics Elective   (3 Credits) Pre 2012 ONLY Fine Arts Elective  (3 Credits) Pre 2012 ONLY
Recommended: PHIL 325 Engineering Ethics. ARTE 101, Any ARTH course numbered below 600 ; MUSC 110, 140, 145, any MUSC history course above 300 and below 600; THEA 200, 561, 562, DANC 101
Alternatives:  PHIL 211, PHIL 321, PHIL 322, PHIL 323, PHIL 324, AERO 402, ARMY 402, NAVY 402
Liberal Arts Elective  (3 Credits) Pre 2012 ONLY
Any course numbered below 600 with a prefix of AERO (cadets only), AFRO, ANTH, ARTE, ARTH, ARTS, MART, CPLT, ECON, ENGL, FILM, CLAS, FROL, FREN, GREK, LATN, GEOG, ARAB, CHIN, GERM, HEBR, JAPA, KORE, RUSS, GINT, HIST, LASP, LING, ARMY(cadets only) , NAVY (midshipmen only), PHIL, PSYC, RELG, SPCH, SOCY, SOST, ITAL, PORT, SPAN, THEA, WOST, or MUSC
Following is for students starting Sept. 2012 or later
GSS: Global  Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Social Sciences  (3 Credits) AIU: Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding (3 Hours)
Any course approved by the Univsersity for Social Science.  Any course approved by the Univsersity for Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding.
AFAM 201, ANTH 102, ANTH 204, ANTH 210, ANTH 211, EDUC 360X, GEOG 103, GEOG 210, GEOG 221, GEOG 223, GEOG 226, GEOG 228, HRTM 280, LASP 331, WGST 113, WGST 210 ARTE 101, ARTE 260, ARTH 105, ARTH 106, ARTS 103, ARTS 104, CLAS 220, CPLT 270, DANC 101, ENCL 270,ENGL 282, ENGL 283, ENGL 284, ENGL 285, ENGL 286, ENGL 287, ENGL 288, FILM 180, FILM 240, FREN 290, GERM 290, MART 110, MART 210, MUSC 110, MUSC 113, MUSC 114, MUSC 115, RUSS 280, SPAN 220, THEA 170, THEA 181, THEA 200
GHS: Global  Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Historical Thinking (3 Hours) VSR: Values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility (3 Hours)
Any course approved by the Univsersity for Historical Thinking Courses approved by the Department and that satisfice the University’s for requirement for both Speech and Values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
GERM 280, HIST 101, HIST 102, HIST 104, HIST 105, HIST 106, HIST 108, HIST 109, HIST 111, HIST 112, HIST 214 PHIL 325, for students who have taken HIST 108 they may take SPCH 140 instead. For students who have taken SPCH 140 they may take PHIL 211, PHIL 320, PHIL 321, PHIL 322

    CHEM 333, 334, 541, 542; MATH 520, 521, 526, 544, 550, 552; PHYS 501, 502;
    All College of Engineering and Computing courses NOT LISTED BELOW
    of three (3) credits or more numbered GREATER than 101 and below 600.
    ENCP 102, 200, 201, 210, 260, 290, 360, 491, 492; ECHE 310, 320, 321, ECIV 111, 200, 201, 210, 220, 360, BMEN 211, 260, CSCE 102.
    Completion of the Air Force or Navy ROTC program will satisfy the three (3) hour requirement normally met by technical electives. A student taking EMCH 330 and ENCP 330 may use only one of the two courses towards their degree requirement.

    Students may choose any EMCH course numbered 500 or higher and/or EMCH 308 and EMCH 330 (if not used for degree requirements) to satisfy their EMCH electives.

    Students who want to emphasize a particular area of mechanical engineering during their undergraduate studies should select courses from the divisions shown below. Students can use these courses….

Design and Manufacturing Electives

Thermal-Fluid  Systems Electives

EMCH 507--Computer-Aided Design
EMCH 508--Finite Element Analysis
EMCH 509--Computer-Aided Manufacturing
EMCH 516--Control Theory in M.E.
EMCH 521--Concurrent Engineering
EMCH 522--Design for Manufacture and Assembly
EMCH 527--Design of Mechanical Systems
EMCH 528--Product Safety Engineering
EMCH 529--Sustainable Design and Development
EMCH 535--Robotics in Mechanical Engineering
EMCH 497--Design of Thermal Systems
EMCH 544--Compressible Fluid Flow
EMCH 554--Intermediate Heat Transfer
EMCH 560--Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
EMCH 592--Introduction to Combustion
EMCH 594--Solar Heating
EMCH 597--Thermal Environmental Engineering

Engineering Materials Electives

Mechanics of Solids Electives

EMCH 571--Mechanical Behavior of Materials
EMCH 572--Physical Metallurgy
EMCH 575--Adaptive Material Systems and Structures
EMCH 585--Nature of Composite Materials
EMCH 308-- Finite Element Stress Analysis
EMCH 330--Mechanical Vibrations
EMCH 532--Intermediate Dynamics
EMCH 584--Advanced Mechanics of Materials
EMCH 586--Experimental Stress Analysis

Nuclear Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

EMCH 552--Introduction to Nuclear Engineering
EMCH 553--Nuclear Fuel Cycles
EMCH 555--Instrumentation for Nuclear Engineering

EMCH 556--Introduction to risk analysis and reactor Safety
EMCH 557--Introduction to Radiation Shielding and Sources
EMCH 558--Introduction to Nuclear Reactor SystemsEMCH573--Introduction to Nuclear Materials

EMCH 508--Finite Element Analysis in Mechanical Engineering
EMCH 516--Control Theory in Mechanical Engineering
EMCH 522--
Design For Manufacturability & Assembly
EMCH 532--
Intermediate Dynamics
EMCH 544--
Compressible Flows
EMCH 554--
Intermediate Heat Transfer
EMCH 560--
Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
EMCH 571--
Mechanical Behavior of Materials
EMCH 575--
Adaptive Material Systems and Structures
EMCH 577--
Aerospace Structures I
EMCH 578--
Introduction to Aerodynamics
EMCH 584--
Advanced Mechanics of Materials
EMCH 585--
Introduction to Composite Materials
EMCH 592--
Introduction to Combustion

Other Approved EMCH Electives
EMCH 441--Automotive System Fundamentals
EMCH 460--Special Problems *
EMCH 501--Engineering Analysis I
EMCH 502--Engineering Analysis II
EMCH 561--Current Topics in Mechanical Engineering*
EMCH 580--Mechanics of Solid Biomaterials

*NOTE:  All EMCH 460 and EMCH 561 courses are Technical Electives, but not all are EMCH Electives. Please check with the department office for the category of a particular course offered.

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