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Mechanical Engineering


Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisite Corequisite Syllabus
EMCH111 Introduction to Engineering Graphics and Visualization 3 PDF
EMCH200 Statics 3 MATH141 EMCH201 PDF
EMCH201 Introduction to Applied Numerical Methods (equivalent to PHYS311) 3 MATH141 EMCH200 PDF
EMCH260 Introduction to the Mechanics of Solids 3 MATH241, EMCH200 (C or better) PDF
EMCH290 Thermodynamic Fundamentals 3 MATH241 PDF
EMCH308 Introduction to Finite Element Stress Analysis 3 EMCH260 PDF
EMCH310 Dynamics 3 EMCH200 (C or better) PDF
EMCH327 Design of Mechanical Elements 3 EMCH260 PDF
EMCH330 Mechanical Vibrations 3 EMCH200 (C or better), MATH242 PDF
EMCH332 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines 3 EMCH310, EMCH201 PDF
EMCH354 Heat Transfer 3 EMCH290, EMCH360, MATH242 EMCH310 PDF
EMCH360 Fluid Mechanics 3 EMCH200 (C or better), EMCH201, MATH241 PDF
EMCH361 Measurements and Instrumentation 3 ELCT221, STAT509, PHYS212 PDF
EMCH362 Mechanical Engineering Lab II 3 EMCH 361, ELCT 220 or 221 EMCH 360 or ENCP 360, EMCH 310 or ENCP 210
EMCH363 Mechanical Engineering Lab III 3 EMCH 362 EMCH 332, EMCH 354, EMCH 371
EMCH367 Microcontrollers in Mechanical Engineering 3 EMCH361 PDF
EMCH371 Engineering Materials 4 EMCH361 PDF
EMCH377 Manufacturing Processes 3 EMCH371 PDF
EMCH394 Applied Thermodynamics 3 EMCH201, EMCH290 PDF
EMCH427 Mechanical Design I 3 EMCH327, EMCH354, EMCH371, EMCH394, ECON421, STAT509 EMCH332 PDF
EMCH428 Mechanical Design II 3 EMCH427 PDF
EMCH441 Automotive System Fundamentals 3 EMCH290, EMCH394 PDF
EMCH460 Special Problems 1-3 Advanced approval of project proposal by advisor and instructor PDF
EMCH467 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 2 EMCH327, EMCH354, EMCH367, EMCH394 PDF
EMCH497 Design of Thermal Systems 3 EMCH354, EMCH394 PDF
EMCH501 Engineering Analysis I 3 MATH242 PDF
EMCH502 Engineering Analysis II 3 MATH242 PDF
EMCH507 Computer-Aided Design 3 EMCH201, EMCH327 PDF
EMCH508 Introduction to Finite Elements Analysis in Mechanical Engineering 3 EMCH201, EMCH327 PDF
EMCH509 Computer-Aided Manufacturing 3 EMCH367 or equivalent PDF
EMCH516 Control Theory in Mechanical Engineering 3 EMCH330 PDF
EMCH520 Technology Planning 3 Senior/Graduate Status PDF
EMCH521 Concurrent Engineering 3 EMCH327 PDF
EMCH522 Design for Manufacturing and Assembly 3 EMCH327, EMCH377 PDF
EMCH527 Design of Mechanical Systems 3 EMCH327 PDF
EMCH528 Product Safety Engineering 3 Senior Standing PDF
EMCH529 Sustainable Design and Development 3 Consult Instructor/Senior Standing PDF
EMCH532 Intermediate Dynamics 3 EMCH332 PDF
EMCH535 Robotics in Mechanical Engineering 3 EMCH332
EMCH544 Compressible Fluid Flow 3 EMCH354 PDF
EMCH551 Nuclear Energy in the Hydrogen Economy 3 EMCH354 PDF
EMCH552 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering 3 PDF
EMCH553 Nuclear Fuel Cycles 3 EMCH552 PDF
EMCH554 Intermediate Heat Transfer 3 EMCH354 PDF
EMCH555 Instrumentation for Nuclear Engineering 3 EMCH552/PHYS511 EMCH552/
EMCH555L Nuclear Instrumentation Lab 1 EMCH555
EMCH560 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics 3 EMCH310, EMCH360 PDF
EMCH561 Current Topics in Mechanical Engineering 1-3 Consent of Instructor PDF
EMCH561B Compliant Mechanisms 3 EMCH332
EMCH561C Robotics 3
EMCH561I Survey of Nuclear Engineering 3
EMCH561J Solid Biomechanics 3
EMCH561N Nuclear Energy and the Hydrogen Economy 3 Consent of Instructor DOC
EMCH562 Micro/nanofluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip 3 PDF
EMCH567 Bio Nano/Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems 3 PDF
EMCH571 Mechanical Behavior of Materials 3 EMCH260, EMCH371 PDF
EMCH572 Physical Metallurgy 3 EMCH371 PDF
EMCH573 Introduction to Nuclear Materials 3
EMCH575 Adaptive Material Systems and Structures 3 EMCH260, EMCH310 PDF
EMCH580 Mechanics of Solid Biomaterials 3 MATH242
EMCH584 Advanced Mechanics of Materials 3 EMCH260 PDF
EMCH585 Nature of Composite Materials 3 EMCH327, EMCH371, MATH242 PDF
EMCH586 Experimental Stress Analysis 3 EMCH260 PDF
EMCH592 Introduction to Combustion 3 EMCH354, EMCH394 PDF
EMCH594 Solar Heating 3 EMCH290, EMCH354, ECHE321 PDF
EMCH597 Thermal Environmental Engineering 3 EMCH354, EMCH394 PDF
EMCH701 Methods of Engineering Analysis 3 EMCH201
EMCH708 Computer-Aided Design 3 EMCH508
EMCH717 Advanced Finite Element Methods 3 EMCH508
EMCH722 Plasticity 3 ENCP707
EMCH727 Advanced Mechanical Design 3 ENCP260
EMCH732 Advanced Dynamics of Machinery 3 EMCH532
EMCH741 Viscous and Turbulent Flow 3
EMCH742 Advanced Gas Dynamics 3
EMCH751 Advanced Heat Transfer 3
EMCH752 Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer 3 EMCH751
EMCH754 Thermal Hydraulics in Nuclear Power Reactors 3
EMCH755 Advanced Nuclear Engineering 3 EMCH552
EMCH756 Safety Analysis for Energy Systems 3
EMCH757 Radiation Shielding 3 EMCH552
EMCH758 Nuclear Reactor Systems 3 EMCH552
EMCH759 Waste Management in the Nuclear Industry 3 EMCH552
EMCH764 Mechanical Engineering Projects 3
EMCH767 Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) 3
EMCH771 Design Properties of Plastics 3
EMCH772 Nuclear Materials 3
EMCH774 Radiation damage in Materials 3
EMCH790 Mechanical Engineering for Teachers I 3
EMCH791 Selected Topics in Thermal Systems 3 Consent of Instructor
EMCH792 Selected Topics in Mechanical Systems 3 Consent of Instructor
EMCH792A Intro to Probability & Reliability Concepts in CE and ME 3 Consent of Instructor
EMCH792B Nanomaterials 3
EMCH792D Special Topics - MEMS 3
EMCH793 Combustion Processes in Industry 3 EMCH592
EMCH794 Thermodynamics 3 EMCH354, EMCH394
EMCH797 Research 1-12
EMCH799 Thesis Preparation 1-12
EMCH847 Fluid Systems Design 3 EMCH741
EMCH857 Advanced Heat Transfer II 3
EMCH882 Fracture Mechanics 3 EMCH584
EMCH883 Wave Propagation in Solids 3 ENGR707
EMCH899 Dissertation Preparation 1-12
ENCP702 Engineering Graphics for Teachers 3 College Algebra and Trigonometry
ENCP705 Principles of Engineering for Teachers 3
ENCP707 Continuum Mechanics 3
ENCP710 Dynamic Analysis 3 ENGR424
UNIV101E Student in the University 3 PDF
UNIV101H Student in the University - Honors 3
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