Our Current Projects

1 To prevent catastrophic failure of aircrafts, rotorcrafts and composite space structures, we predict damage in materials & structures at very early stage (i.e. detection of incubation of damage or damage pre-cursor) using Nonlocal Mechanics coupled with our Quantitative Ultrasonic Image Correlation (QUIC).

Precursor Damage

2 To perform virtual NDE experiments and health monitoring of structures (SHM) at multiple length scales, we explore physics based novel predictive simulation method. This helps generate and interpret virtual ultrasonic signals even before the NDE/SHM experiments.

Computational NDE

3 To generate energy from the ambient vibrations and noises around us, we explore, design and develop acoustoeleastic metamaterial (AEMM) energy harvesters which are inspired by the biomechanics of the human ear.

Energy Harvesting

4 To correlate the mechano-chemical outputs from the fungi, we are developing Quantitative Acoustic Contrast Tomography (Q-ACT) and our newly published novel mathematical model to decipher the bio-mechanical behavior hidden in the micro organisms

Quantitative Acoustic Contrast Tomography