Sourav Banerjee
Interests: Ultrasonics and Acoustics Wave Propagation, Nondestructive Evaluation, Struture Health Monitoring, Smart Structures and Sensing Technologies
Hossain Ahmed
Interests: Composite manufacturing; Joining methods of unreinforced and reinforced thermoplastic composites; Design of experiments.
Riaz Ahmed
Interests: Vibration based energy scavenging; Mechanical sensor; Acousto-elastic metamaterial; Vibration control and sound isolation; Artificial cochlea; SHM and NDE
Mustahseen Mobashwer Indaleeb (Dipro)
Interests: Precursor damage quantification, composite and metals analysis/feature extraction.
Dylan Madisetti
Interests: Computational Simulation, Energy Harvesting
Fariha Mir
Interests: Biomechanics
Subir Patra
Interests: Spectral Finite Element Method
Shelby Rushe
Interests: Vibrations, Terry Pratchett
Sadegh Saadatzi
Interests: Robotics, Mechatronics, System identification and control, AEMM
Sajan Shrestha
Interests: Computational Anisotropic Wave Field Modeling, Non Destructive Evaluation, Structural Health Monitoring, Quantitative Optimization
Vahid Tavaf
Interests: Health Monitoring/NDE, Composites, Numerical Methods and Heuristic Optimization