i-MAPS significant achivements and stories are shared through this portal. If you are interested in further details, or you are an iMAPS current or former member and want to share your stories/achievements, please contact PI Prof. Sourav Banerjee,

ASME Fellow

Achievement:Congratulation Prof. Banerjee for getting elected as a FELLOW of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).


Note:This is the privilege of being one of only 3,456 Fellows out of 85,806 ASME members

CNDE Book Published

Achievement:Congratulation Prof. Banerjee for publishing first ever Computational Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE) Book title "Computational Nondestructive Evaluation Handbook: Ultrasound Modelling Techniques".


Note:The Book is published by Taylor and Francis CRC Press

Structural Health Monitoring Person of the Year Award

Achievement:Congratulation Prof. Banerjee for receiving prestigious SHM person of the year award at Stanford University during the International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (IWSHM) 2019.



Break Through Star Award

Achievement:Congratulation Prof. Banerjee for receiving Breakthrough Star Award given by the Office of Vice President of Research, University of South Carolina.



Mungo Teaching Award

Achievement:Congratulation Prof. Banerjee for receiving Michael J. Mungo Teaching Award recognized by the University of South Carolina's Office of Provost. A highest Teaching Award at UofSC.


Note:This is to recognize his contribution in teaching large classes using the method of FIBER, Forward Instruction and Backward Evaluation Routine, invented by him.

SPARC Grant and Trustee Fellowship

Achievement:Congratulations to Riaz M. Ahmed for receiving prestigious 'SPARC' Award 2015 from the Office of Vice President of Research. This is only offered to USC's best graduate students.


Note:Congratulations!! Riaz for also receiving UofSC Trustee Fellowship with Prize money $5000

Achenbach Medal

Achievement:Belated Congratulation Prof. Banerjee for receiving prestigious Achenbach Medal in 2010. Achenbach Medal is named after NAE member Prof. J. D. Achenbach.


Note:"Achenbach Medal" is given to an young investigator in the field of NDE and SHM to recognize his/her exceptional contribution to the field within 10 years of their PhD. The award money is sponsored by Embrear.