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University of South Carolina- Mechanical Engineering

Research Fields

FSW Process Modeling

Weld Perfomance


Associated Faculty    
Dr. A.P. Reynolds (803)777-9548 Weld Parameter
Dr. M.A. Sutton (803)777-7158 Mixed Mode Fracture
Dr. X. Deng (803)777-7144 Solid Mech. Based Model
Dr. B. Yuh-Jin Chao (803)777-5869 Thermal and Mech. Modeling
Dr. J.A. Khan (803)777-1578 Thermo-Fluid Modeling
Graduate Students    
Jon F. Pohlman (Dr. Reynolds) (803)777-3118  
Sinan Meric (Dr. Reynolds) (803)777-3118  
Matthew Moore (Dr. Reynolds) (803)777-3118  
Shawn Boggs (Dr. Reynolds) (803)777-1279  
Yongqiang Li (Dr. Reynolds) (803)777-1279 FSW of Ti and alloys
Zahed Khandkar (Dr. Khan) (803)777-3587 Thermo-Fluid Modeling
Tianzhong Long (Dr. Reynolds) (803)777-1279  
Vikrant Tiwari (Dr. Sutton) (803)777-1279  
Junhui Yan (Dr. Sutton) (803)777-0753  
Research Associates    
Ms. Nathalie Fuzier (803)777-1279  
Dr. W. Tang (803)777-0753 Manufacturing
Mr. Hilaire Teukam (803)777-1279  
Dr. Shaowen Xu (803)777-3587 Solid Mech. Based Model
Lab Manager    
Dan Wilhelm (803)777-2494 Technical Control
Former Colleagues
Lars Cederqvist   Experiment
Frank Duvall (MS)   Experiment
Dipl.-Ing. Henry Kroeninger (RS)   Experiment
William D. Lockwood   Mechanical Response
Xinhai Qi   Thermal and Mech. Modeling
Dipl.-Ing. Tilman U. Seidel   Fluid Mech. Based Model
Robert Taylor   Mixed Mode Fracture
Borislav Tomaz   Computer Modeling
Dr. B. Yang   Mixed Mode Fracture
Ning Yuan   Mixed Mode Fracture

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