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Tanvir I. Farouk
Assistant Professor
Departement of Mechanical Engineering,
University of South Carolina,
Columbia, SC 29208, USA
Office : Room A113, 300 Main Street
Phone : 803.777.3380
Fax : 803.777.0106
Email : tfarouk@sc.edu
Links : [Resume]    [Google Scholar]



Tanvir Farouk is currently an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering (ME), at University of South Carolina at Columbia and the Director of RASAER Lab. Prior to joining at USC, Dr. Farouk served at Princeton University as an Associate Research Scientist (from 2011-2012). Dr. Farouk was a post-doctoral scholar at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ (from 2009 – 2011), where he worked at the “Fuels and Combustion Research Lab” with Professor Frederick L. Dryer. He received his Ph.D. from Drexel University, Philadelphia PA, in April 2009 in Mechanical Engineering from the Drexel Plasma Institute” under the supervision of Professors Alexander Fridman and Bakhtier Farouk. His Ph.D. research was on multi-physics modeling of high pressure non-thermal plasma discharges. His M.A.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering was completed in 2004 at the University of Toronto in the “Thermodynamics and Kinetics Lab” under the mentorship of Professor Charles Ward. His Master’s thesis was on contact angle hysteresis and adsorptions in microgravity configuration. Dr. Farouk’s undergraduate degree is in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (2001), where he also worked as a lecturer (2001 – 2002) after his graduation. Dr. Farouk’s research interests include: (1) Plasma science and engineering, (2) Combustion, (3) Energy systems, (4) Alternative and next generation fuels, (5) Multi-physics modeling of reacting/non-reacting flows and (6) Hybrid models. Dr. Farouk’s research has been funded by DARPA, DOE, NSF and NASA.