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Welcome to the website of ReActing System and Advanced Energy Research Laboratory – RASAER at University of South Carolina. The purpose of this site is to share our research and promote future thought of idea into the field of plasmas, combustion, advanced thermo-fluids – Reacting Thermofluids in general. We do this with the hope of spurring the interest of future scientists and engineers and provide contact information for collaborative opportunities.


RASAER Lab is primarily dedicated in investigating both fundamental and applied aspects of Plasma, Combustion and Advanced Thermofluids. Our work comprises of modeling, simulations and experiments to understand important aspects of aforementioned research topics. The results and discoveries of our research have far reaching consequences in fields ranging from integrated circuit manufacturing, fossil fuel reforming, reduction in pollutant emission, low temperature “Cool Flame” combustion etc. More specific information on projects can be found on the Research Topics page or among our publications.


Please browse our website to find more about our research, and the people involved. Hopefully, after touring our website you will be more interested in our research work and want ot learn more. If you have any questions or comments please contact me. Happy browsing!


T. Farouk