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Two research assistants and one postdoc positions are immediately available in the Micro/nanoscale Transport Lab at the University of South Carolina.


Flow boiling in microchannels: design & fabricate novel micro/nano-structures in microchannels to regulate flow boiling regimes, characterize flow boiling, and develop mechanistic thermo-hydraulic models to predict heat transfer rate, pressure drop, and CHF. A few related publications:



Evaporation and condensation on micro/nano-structured surfaces: develop novel micro/nano-structured surfaces to promote thin film evaporation and dropwise condensation. A few related publications:



Heat pipe experiment and modeling: design, fabricate, and characterize novel hybrid wicking heat pipes. A few related publications:




Highly-motivated candidates with strong backgrounds in two or more areas of two-phase heat transfer, multiphase flow or fluid mechanics, micro/nanofabrication, and continuum or atomic scale modeling of thermal/fluid transport, and manufacturing processes are encouraged to apply. An earned M.Sc. degree (before Spring 2014) in ME or related fields is strongly preferred for a RA position. If you are interested, please email your short resume and un-official transcripts to Dr Chen Li, our principal investigator.

Thank you for your interest!