Positions for Ph.D graduate student and Postdoctoral Researcher on

Optical nanoscopy for micro/nanofluidics, cellular imaging and nanofabrication

Highly motivated applicants with strong background in optics are invited to apply for a Ph.D graduate student position for experimental research. We are the only lab in micro/nanofluidics and fluid dynamics community in the world, that are developing a novel multifunctional far-field optical nanoscopic system using two tunable femto lasers for the high resolution measurement of flow velocity, concentration and temperature filed measurement in nano/microfluidics, as well as studying the fundamentals of transport phenomena in micro/nanofluidics. The system will also be explored for nanophotolithograpgy and cellular bioimaging within a single living cell with nanoscale resolution to develop new technique for cancer detection. Ideally, the applicant should have experience in one or several of the following fields: fluid dynamics, fluorescence and nonlinear optics, super-resolution microscopy, cellular imaging, fluorescence based measurement, nanophotonics, optics, far-field nanoscopy or confocal microscopy, precision optical measurement, photolithography.

 We The Nanofluidics and Microfluidics Lab at The University of South Carolina is dedicated to experimental science over a broad range of disciplines. Current research is carried out in science and engineering, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary work and the development of new experimental tools. We received funds from National Science Foundation (NSF Career and MRI) and National Health Institute (NIH) to support this research.

The position needs to be filled as soon as possible.

To apply, please email your resume to: guirenwang@sc.edu.

Dr. Guiren Wang, Associate Professor,

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering Program,

University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208, USA; Tel: (803)777-8013.