The Micro/Nanofluidics Laboratory in USC

The Micro/Nanofluidics Lab in USC has over 1000 square feet of well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratory. We study fundamentals and applications of micro/nanofluidc devices for life science and other engineering.

Optical Instruments

  • Stimulated Emission Depletion System for far field nanoscopic bioimaging system
  • Far field nanoscopic laser induced fluorescence photobleaching anemometer system
  • Coherent Sabre Krypton tunable UV-NIR laser  (Coherent)
  • LaVision PIV system
  • 405nm laser  (Crystalaser)
  • 2Watt 532nm diode pumped solid state laser (OEM laser system)
  • 350 mW 473 nm diode pumped solid state laser
  • 100 mW 473 nm laser
  • Olympus inverted epifluorescence microscopes (IX70, Olympus)
  • Nikon inverted microscopes   
  • Olympus PME microscope
  • Cooke SensiCam QE Camera (high speed, Cooke corp.)
  • Photomultipliers tube (R1464, R943,  H957-08, Hamamatsu,  )
  • Large area UV photoreceiver  (New Focus)
  • Photodiodes with amplifiers
  • Anti-vibration optical tables (Thorlab)
  • He-Ne lasers (Newport Inc.),
  • Piezo Nano 3D positioning Stage (E664, PI)
  • 3D Translation stages (Newport, Mellesgriot)
  • High performance beam expander (Newport)
  • Objective 100X NA 1.4 oil PlanApo, 10X, 20X, 40X, UPlanFL  (Olympus)
  • Lenses, optical filters, optical fiber, mechanical parts and etc.
  • Single photon counting APD detector (Ultra-low noise <20Hz id100-MMF50, Boston Electronics Corp.)

Electronic test instruments

  • Oscilloscope (4 GS/s, 4 channels, LeCroy 9384CL),
  • Digital delay / pulse generator (DG535, Stanford Research System)
  • Keithley 248 high voltage power supply (Keithley Instruments Inc)

Water channel of confined mixing layer.

  • Oscilloscope (BK Precision)
  • Micro driver controller (Newport)
  • DC power supply (0~100V 6634B, Agilent)
  • DC power supply E3611A (0~25V, HP)
  • DC power supply (0~20V, HY1803DL)
  • Multimeter (34401A, HP )
  • AD Convertor (USB-6259, NI)
  • Two AFG3102 function generators from Tektronix
  • High voltage power supply (0~8000v, 5 channels) (EMCO Inc.)
  • Laser displacement sensor and controller (3)  (Keyence)
  • Low-noise current preamplifier SR570 (Stanford Research System)
  • Stanford research SR620 frequency counter (Stanford Research System)


General lab equipments


  • 3 PHD Syringe pumps (Harvard apparatus)
  • Branson ultrasonic cleaner (BRANSONICR )
  • vortex mixer (Fisher Scientific),
  • Barnstead ultrapure water system (Nanopure DiamondTM)
  • Electronic weighing balances (METTLER AT261 DeltaRangeR ,Resolution: 0.01mg)
  • Thermo NESLAB RTE7 digital bath circulator (Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd)

    The Micro/Nanofluidics Lab in USC.

  • Vacuum pump Pascal type 2010 (Alcatel vaccum products Inc.)
  • PC-410 Magnetic Stirrer (CorningR)
  • Electric Oven (Apothecaries Sundries Mfg. Co.)


Microfabrication system

  • Wire Bonder (Westband)


  • Clean room, class 1000


  • A water channel