Key research facilities which are either existing or under development:

1) HotPress for manufacturing of composite laminates(thermoset and thermoplastic).

2) Image analysis for quantitative segmentation of microstructure and generation of computational FE model

3) Lightning Response Lab (Pulse current testing up 100kA)

4) Electrical conduction test system for studying progressive and coupled nonlinearity with increasing current. Experimental setup is also capable of measuring synergistic electro-mechanical-thermal behavior.

5) Room temperature manufacturing (VARTM processing setup with fiber cutting, resin mixing, composite part cutting facility)

6) Planetary mixing of nano materials for enhanced proprties in composite materials

7) Discrete and scanning BbDS system for meauring spatial distribution of properties

8) Drop weight Low velovity impact setup and test fixture for measurement of remaining properties after impact

9) High performance workstation with structural and multi-physics software capabilities (ANSYS, ABAQUS, and COMSOL)

Shared research facilities with SOFC group and DOE EFRC HeteroFoaM Center

1) X-ray Microscope for 3D nondestructive imaging at 1 micron spatial resolution (Winner of 2010 DURIP award by Air Force Office of Scientific Research. PI- Prof. Reifsnider & Co-PI: Dr. Majumdar)

2) Electrochemical Workstation for potentiostatic measurement of properties in the frequency domain

3) Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy(BbDS) System for studying dielectric behavior or heterogeneous conductivity in advanced materials over wide temeprature and frequency range with high phase accuracy of 0.002 (funded by DARPA. PI: Prof. Reifsnider & Co-PI: Dr. Majumdar)

4) Atomic Force Microscope(AFM) and EFM Capability

5) MTS standard test system with environmental chamber and customized in-situ recording of multi-physical property

This is only a partial list of growing facilities. Our group also has access to different departmental and university wide shared facilities(e.g. electron microscopy center)

To be updated with more details soon ...

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