Research Interest

Our general research interest is in the study of the mechanical behavior of emerging advanced materials, mainly focused on the relationship between micro-mechanical phenomena and macro-material properties, with the long-term goal being to contribute to the design and fabrication of improved material systems capable of addressing future engineering problems in energy, transport, and safety applications.
More specifically, we are interested in understanding the mechanics of failure and fracture of conventional and unconventional materials, such as composite materials, metal matrix composites, functionally graded material, and particle-reinforced polymers under different temperature and loading conditions.

On going projects

  • Optimal Functionally Graded Cellular Materials (FGCMs) to Mitigate Shock and Impact Loading, Nov 2017-Dec 2020
  • Progressive Damage Analysis in composites, March 2017-Dec 2019
  • High Energy Dynamic Impact of composites, March 2017-Dec 2019
  • Acquisition of State-of-the-Art 3D Dynamic Deformation Measurement System and Stereo-Microscope for Macro- to Micro-scale Studies with 200 Nano-second Temporal Resolution, October 2016-Septemebr 2018
  • Design Methodologies and Concepts for Future Composite Structures, 2015-2018
  • Quantification of the meso-scale deformation of engineered and energetic materials Young Investigator Award Sep 1, 2014 - August 31, 2018
  • Completed projects

  • Dynamic behavior of cellular materials subjected to shock loading
  • Developing a Robust, Non-contacting, Digital Image Correlation Based Full-field Strain Measurement System for High Temperature Applications
  • Effect of microstructure and interface layer on the fracture and thermal behavior of nanocomposites
  • High temperature digital image based full field deformation measurment at a temperature above 1000 0C
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