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Addis Kidane, Ph.D , Director of DBMML

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of South Carolina
300 Main Street, Room A132, Columbia, SC 29208
Tel: 803-777-2502 | Fax: 803-777-0106 | Email: kidanea@cec.sc.edu

Expertise: Mechanical Behavior of emerging advanced materials, mainly focused on the relationship between micro-mechanical phenomena and macro-materials response. Experimental Mechanics
www.me.sc.edu/fs/kidane.html | Curriculum Vitae


Vijendra Gupta offered training

A successful training on Finite Element Analysis using ANSIS workbench has been conducted by Vijendra Gupta. More than 25 senior undergraduate and graduate students participated. Congratulation Vijendra!

Our recent work on graded materials

Discussion with graduate students in our lab

Southeast SEM Graduate symposium, Clemson, 2019

Publications in print

  • A. Fahem, A. Kidane, M.A. Sutton "Geometry Factors for Mode I Stress Intensity Factor of a Cylindrical Specimen with Spiral Crack Subjected to TorsionEngineering Fracture Mechanics 214 (2019) 79-94

  • A.Fahem, A. Kidane, M.A Sutton "Mode-I Dynamic Fracture Initiation Toughness Using Torsion Load, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 213 (2019) 53-71

  • S. Ravindran, A. Tessema, A. Kidane, and J. Jordan., Weak-shock wave propagation in polymer-based particulate composites". Journal of Applied Physics, J. Appl. Phys. 125, 145104 (2019)

  • S. Ravindran, A. Tessema, V. Gupta A. Kidane "Effect of particle mass fraction on the multiscale dynamic failure behavior of particulate polymer composites" Experimental Mechanics, in print, 2019

  • SEM 2018, Greenville, SC

  • Dr. Kidane has been seclected for Breakthrough Stars award by the Office of the Vice President for Research
  • Suraj has been selected as the 2018 Breakthrough graduate student
    • Deformation of Magnesium                                          Stress wave propagation in PBX

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